Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Highlights—Sediment Processing

Sediment size distribution is a fundamental descriptor of stratigraphic successions and can provide unique genetic information in certain situations. To assess protocols and utility of integrated grain size and grain type information for analysis of marine sediment, Flores-Aqueveque et al. explore the impact of pretreatments that isolate individual components. Comparing fluxes estimated from processed samples with the unprocessed samples suggest up to 58% difference, and that the filtered samples offer more accurate characterization of fine-grained marine successions.

Using image-based size analysis for determining thesize distribution and flux of eolian particles sampled in coastal northernChile (23° S) by Valentina Flores-Aqueveque, Sandrine Caquineau, Stephane Alfaro, Jorge ValdĂ©s, and Gabriel Vargas

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