Thursday, August 14, 2014

Highlights—Kenyan Lacustrine Carbonates

Lacustrine depositional systems can include both prolific source rocks and porous reservoirs, yet the controls on spatial variability in these systems are poorly constrained. This study by Hargrave et al. focuses on Plio-Pleistocene to Holocene lacustrine carbonate strata that accumulated along the southeastern margin of Lake Turkana (Kenya), a long-lived extensional basin that preserves a suite of carbonate facies assemblages. Field and laboratory data reveal the complex depositional environments of the carbonate facies of the volcanically mediated, mixed siliciclastic and carbonate system of the South Basin. These observations provide a conceptual model that may be a useful analogue for extensional basins that host economic quantities of hydrocarbons.

Lacustrine carbonates from Lake Turkana,Kenya: a depositional model of carbonates in an extensional basin by Jennifer E. Hargrave, Melissa K. Hicks, and Christopher A. Scholz

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