Monday, May 13, 2013

Highlights: 2013 Twenhofel Medalist, Paul Enos

Primary depositional intergranular pore systems markedly impact porosity and permeability, influence diagenetic processes and control recovery of resources in many reservoir and aquifer systems.  In this pioneering study, Twenhofel Medalist Paul Enos and Sawatsky (1981) explored the depositional aspects of porosity and permeability by documenting their change in different Holocene carbonate sediment textures.  The results indicated that carbonate mud-rich sediment (fine wackestone) includes the highest porosity (with up to 70%); mud-free grainstone includes 40-50% porosity.  The results provided information on the baseline initial conditions of sediment porosity, for comparison with changes in porosity with compaction and diagenesis.  

Pore networks in Holocene carbonate sediments by Paul Enos and L.H. Sawatsky
Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. 51, p. 961-985.

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