Thursday, June 29, 2017

Highlights: Enhanced Pictures of Tidal Cycles

Geoscientists love repeated themes, and have identified cycles at scales from tectonic to Milankovitch to tidal. A key component to identifying cyclic processes is identification of some sort of duplicated motif. To provide an enhanced means for identifying tidal cycles, Hayes et al. explore dune foreset thickness measurement errors from images, and suggest a quick, easy alternative to reduce these errors using 3D photogrammetry. The new method allows improved measurement accuracy by remaining orthogonal to the outcrop face while collecting data. In doing so, the final results are less noisy and more precise, allowing for a stronger interpretation of the data.  After all, we know there are indeed some really bad dune pictures.

Analyzingdune foreset cyclicity in outcrop with photogrammetry by Derek A. Hayes, Eric R. Timmer, Jared L. Deutsch, Michael J. Ranger, and Murray K. Gingras

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