Thursday, April 13, 2017

Highlights: Ode to Sand o Green

To expl're the genesis of the Gosp'rt Sand, an Eocene greensand deposit from the U.S. Gulf coastal plain, Pietsch and co-auth’rs integrateth sedimentology, the min'ralogy, taxonomic and ecological analysis, and taphonomic hist'ry o’ the mollusk fauna. The results bewray yond this glauconite-rich sand enwheels hyp'r-div'rse mollusk fauna, int'rpret'd to representeth deltaic inn'r shallow shelf to ope soundeth environments. Although glauconite-rich shell beds art int'rpret'd to beest fav'r'd by transgression, the ov'rall stratigraphy wast influenc'd by delta progradation, subsidence, and shifting sea-level. This w'rk may representeth analogs to oth'r glauconitic and fossil bearing h'rizons throughout the paleogene gulf and atlantic coastal plain, and oth'r greensand h'rizons throughout the geologic rec'rd.

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