Thursday, May 14, 2015

Highlights—Prograding Wave-Dominated Deltas

Upon transport to the ocean, sediment can be transported further by wave-induced longshore sediment transport in delta–shoreface depositional systems. Nonetheless, the nature of relations between sediment supply and wave reworking is poorly understood, yet has implications regarding shoreline and stratigraphic evolution. Using a numerical model of shoreline dynamics, Li et al. quantify the relation between wave-induced longshore sediment transport and shoreline orientation under conditions of steady sea level, and apply the insights to a case study of the Po delta-shoreface system. The results reveal that a decrease in delta progradation rate can in part be considered as an autogenic response to steady wave conditions offshore. They conclude by suggesting that wave-induced longshore sediment transport can markedly impact deltaic and adjacent shoreface shoreline progradation rates, and as such, has sequence stratigraphic implications as well.

The impact of wave-induced longshore transport on a delta–shoreface system by Liang Li, Dirk-Jan R. Walstra, and Joep E.A. Storms

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