Friday, February 6, 2015

Highlights—Cretaceous Source-to-Sink Mass Balance

The facies architecture of siliciclastic sedimentary systems is shaped by a range of controls. To assess the source-to-sink dynamics and controls on Cretaceous strata of the Western Interior Seaway, Hampson et al. examine the influence of sediment supply on stratigraphic architecture. Applying a new methodology of mass-balance analysis to a succession of linked alluvial-coastal-shelfal deposits, the paper quantifies downsystem-fining, sediment-partitioning and sediment-budget characteristics within the sediment routing systems of several sequences. As this work illustrates a novel approach to quantifying the relations between accommodation and sediment supply, parameters that are rarely constrained or quantified in conventional sequence stratigraphic interpretations, it holds the potential for new insights into stratigraphic forcing mechanisms.

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