Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Highlights—Quantifying Sediment Heterogeneity

Understanding the nature and heterogeneity of sedimentary deposits represents a fundamental challenge in quantitative sedimentary geology and in many flow simulations.  In this paper, Meckel describes and applies a technique to generate high-resolution digital models of natural sedimentary deposits for quantitative analyses. The “traditional” technique of 2D sedimentary-relief peels of unconsolidated clastic deposits is combined with modern digital laser scanning and 3D microscopy techniques to capture and digitally represent spatially varying rock properties (e.g. permeability, threshold pressure) related to sedimentary fabrics at mm to m resolution.  The technique and analysis are broadly applicable, and expand capabilities for geologic studies that examine or apply concepts of representative sampling, upscaling, and fluid flow in heterogeneous media. 

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