Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Look Back…10 Years—Deep-Water Seismic Geomorphology

Exploration of deep-water settings was markedly advanced by the acquisition and interpretation of extensive 3D seismic surveys.  Ten years ago, Posamentier and Kolla interpreted geomorphic forms captured in a suite of 3D seismic data from shallow, Pleistocene strata of basin-floor settings from offshore Indonesia, Nigeria, and the Gulf of Mexico.  The data revealed turbidity-flow leveed channels, levees or overbank settings with sediment waves, frontal splays (also described as lobeforms and distributary-channel complexes), crevasse flows, and debris-flow channels, lobes, and sheets.  Collectively, however, deep-water basin-floor successions commonly are characterized by basal mass-transport deposits, sediments overlain by turbidite frontal-splay deposits, and capped by leveed-channel deposits. 

Journal of Sedimentary Research, May 2003, v. 73, p. 367-388.

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