Monday, October 1, 2012

Highlights – Deltas and Deliverance

Most geologists would agree that shelf-edge delta processes are related to deep-water sand delivery, but the details of this linkage are somewhat uncertain.  Dixon et al. utilize a dataset of 29 examples of linked shelf, shelf-edge and deep-water strata and postulate that the depositional processes in operation at shelf-edge deltas (the 'process regime' of the delta) is intimately linked with the style of sediment transport on the associated slope and basin floor. The understanding of this link between delta process regime and deep-water stratigraphy provides insights into sedimentary source to sink systems and predictive conceptual models for hydrocarbon exploration.

Shelf-edge delta regime as a predictor of deep-water deposition by J.F. Dixon, R.J. Steel, and C. Olariu

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