Monday, September 10, 2012

Reviewer Comments

Reviewers and AEs continue to be sources of inspiration and wit, as in the following passages from some recent reviews….  

  • “I was too polite to say to the authors that I fell asleep twice reading the second half of the text.”
  • “Note to the Editor: PLEASE don't send me anymore of these dang modeling papers. I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than read that stuff…”
  •  “The meaning is clear, but if you could find a more eloquent way to phrase this, that would be good. No need for Shakespeare or Ian McEwan but at the moment it reads more like Dan Brown….”
  •  “Good, but might still be useful to add a couple of sentences about how these fault maps were derived by the original authors? For example, if they used remote sensing images that showed carbonate bodies, there might be quite a nasty loop of circular reasoning in this method i.e. fault is inferred by original authors from presence of elongate carbonate body, fault then used by you to infer that the fault causes the elongate carbonate body, and, as Darth Vader once said "The circle is now complete" ;-)

Thanks again to the reviewers and AEs for all of their contributions to helping JSR present the best science most effectively.  It isn’t always easy…but it is fun.

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