Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A fundamental attribute of many sedimentary rocks, and the basis for many subsequent interpretations, is texture.  Yet, consistently and accurately describing texture in many sedimentary systems is challenging due to inherent limitations of many existing classification schemes.  In this paper, Farrell et al. propose and describe a new system for textural nomenclature that is objective and broadly applicable to many sedimentary systems.  They suggest that use of this system would aid to standardize descriptions and to more directly link to process-based interpretations of sedimentary successions.

Standardizing texture and facies codes for a process-based classification of clastic sediment and rock by Kathleen M. Farrell, W. Burleigh Harris, David J. Mallinson, Stephen J. Culver, Stanley R. Riggs, Jessica Pierson, Jean M. Self-Trail, and Jeff C. Lautier

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